About us

Welcome all of you on About us page, here you will get to know some important information about Job Guruji blog, so if you want to get additional information about Job Guruji then this page will help you.

start of blog
The name of this blog (https://jobguruji.in) was purchased on 25th June 2022. So you can say that Job Guruji was started on 25-June-2022.

You can mail us for any issue and to join us.

purpose of blog
Job Guruji was started with certain objectives. What are the objectives for which this blog is being run, the list of them is given below.

To provide you the correct information related to Personal Loan, Home Loan, Student Loan on time.
To solve your loan related problems
To get loan updates to you
For other loan related assistance
To get in touch with us, you can visit the Contact us page.